Caipirinha Tastings

This part of the blog doesn’t have much to do with vans but documents our escapades in search of the most delicious Caipirinhas around the globe.

For those unfamiliar with the humble but deadly cocktail it is the Brazilian national cocktail made with Cachaça, a spirit made from fermented sugarcane similar to Rum, sugar (usually brown), lime, and served on ice in an old fashioned glass. The sugar and lime is muddled and then the glass is filled with crushed or cubed ice, the humble part. The deadly part is that the glass is topped up full with Cachaça, usually about 2 shots plus. This makes for a simple yet flavoursome, thirst quenching drink and because it is small one round can turn into 5 very easily.

There are two types of Cachaça: white/silver which is unaged and yellow/gold which is aged. As of yet we haven’t had a nice Caipirinha with white sugar and usually the golden Cachaça makes for a more full bodied and better quality cocktail. Think of it like having bianco or reposado tequila, I think we all know which one we would like to shot at 2 am at the bar…

Not all the Caipirinhas we have had are showcased here as we may have had too many and forgotten to take a picture. However, below are the note worthy ones. For very special bars and recipes we will be posting separate reviews so watch this space.


L’Escale Cafe, Calvi, Corsica. Location – 6.5, Taste – 7, Price – €8
Caffe Vergnano 1882, Imperia, Italy. Location – 4, Taste – 5.5, Price – €6
L’Exit Cafe, Marseille, France. Location – 2, Taste – 2.5, Price – €10 for one (2 for 1 in Happy hour)
The first Caipirinha, Martinhal Sagres Resort, Algarve, Portugal. All I can remember is that it was fab.
Bar de la Marine, Marseille, France. Location – 5.5, Taste – 6.6, Price – €9
Food and the Gang, Marseille, France. Location – 3, Taste – 3 (Carambar taste was 10) Price – €9.50
32557996_10160404251565494_4732579413550432256_n (1)
Madrigal Cafe Bar, Havana, Cuba. Location: 8.7, Taste: 8.5, Price: 3 CUC (equivalent of a USD)
32446732_10160404251775494_5729422944786972672_n (1)
Cafe Fortuna, Trinidad, Cuba. Location: 7.5, Taste: 6.8, Price, 3 CUC
Giroud, Trinidad, Cuba. Location: 7.5, Taste: 4, Price: 3.30 CUC
Hotel Casa Granda, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Location: 5.5, Taste: 5, Price: 2.75 CUC
Ambos Mundos Hotel, Havana, Cuba. Location: 7, Taste: 3, Price: 4 CUC
San Jose Paladar, Trinidad, Cuba. Location: 6.5, Taste: 8, Price: 2.75 CUC

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